Brain Boosting Breakfast

Not only can avoiding breakfast leave your children hungry at school, it can also give them lowered concentration levels. Ensuring your child has a well-balanced nutritious breakfast will help boost their brains during the school day.

A breakfast hasn’t got to be overly complicated but a balanced breakfast should include protein such as eggs or yoghurt, whole grain cereal or bread and fresh fruit. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamins and lecithin which is thought to help contribute to memory and concentration. Eggs can also be incredibly varied and never take long to cook, you can even let your child choose how they want their egg cooked!

Cereals are a very nutritious and popular breakfast choice- but watch out for sugar and salt content as they can sometimes be very high! Cereals such and Weetabix, shredded wheat, muesli or porridge contain carbohydrate which will provide long lasting energy, perfect for school days! Some children may not be a fan of drinking milk, so having some with cereal can help ensure they get enough calcium.

We can quite easily get bored of eating the same fruits everyday, so perhaps try making a fruit smoothie for breakfast, very easy to do some, banana, strawberries and low-fat yoghurt is delicious! Come up with your own recipes with whatever you have in the fridge!

As we all know mornings can be a big rush to get out the door on time, so try to get as much ready for breakfast the night before,  get the children to choose their breakfast the night before, or older children may be able to assist in the preparation.

If you want to discuss breakfast with your children take a look at the Change for Life website, lots of interesting information, games and recipes all about breakfast:

Most importantly enjoy this delicious meal, let us know how you get on!


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