International Walk to School Month

October is international walk to school month. This initiative is helping parents, pupils, teachers and schools to discover the many benefits of walking to school. Unlike travelling in a car children can get some much needed fresh air and exercise. Many children do not get the recommend amount of exercise per day, the NHS recommends children under 5 should be active for at least 3 hours per day. Walking to school will help them get nearer to achieving the suggested amount and will help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally the child will gain a greater knowledge of road safety, and their local community. The children will have to be careful of cars and roads when walking to school, this will teach them how to cross the road carefully and safely, which is a very important life skill. By spending time outdoors they will be learning about the environment, whilst walking they may see animals, trees or things of interest which they would not normally see in the car.

By walking to school this will lower the congestion on the roads and around the school making it much safer for all.

When walking to school with the children remember to be careful of cars when walking along the pavement and when crossing the road. As the mornings are now getting darker you may wish to purchase a small visibility band for your child to wear to ensure they are seen.

Happy Walking!!!

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