Must Read Children’s Books

Reading is such a rewarding past time with your child .It is something that they will remember for years to come. There are great advantages of regularly reading,for example,their language skills will be much improved and they will be better readers and writers.

Your child will love the closeness with you as they snuggle in during the story and cherish every moment.
Here are a few of our favourite stories…..

The Tiger who came to tea-Judith Kerr…. This is a fun story about a friendly tiger who comes to eat all of the food in the house of a little girl, by the time daddy comes home there Is nothing left so they go out for tea!

The Gruffalo- Julia Donaldson….. This a the story of a brave mouse, he is walking through the woods and comes across many other animals, including a creature who has terrible tucks, terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws. it is written in rhyming couplets with repetitive verse. This story has won several awards for children’s literature.

A Squash and a squeeze-Julia Donaldson…..The old lady’s house is feeling rather small, so an old man helps her to fill all her space then she begins to feel frustrated. She trusts him to help her and is very pleased with the end result! It’s funny and well written. It is also a firm favourite with us!

We’re going on a bear hunt-Michael Rosen/Helen Oxenbury….this book is remembered by all that hear those words “we’re going on a bear hunt” and a chorus starts “we’re going to catch a big one”. The story with actions and repetition of a young family going out to the caves to find a bear, even though they don’t expect to find one.

Dear Zoo-Rod Campbell…..this is a classic story, very simple and fabulous for a the youngsters. Lift the flap and see the hidden animals.

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