Preparing your child for school

Many children will be starting a new school this year, it’s always good to prepare your child for this new adventure so that the transition is a smooth and happy time for all. Here are some hints and tips from us which will help make the change easier for the child.

1) Discuss
Begin to talk to your child about what will happen during the school day, such as saying they will be dropped off, they will play with some lovely toys before and after having lunch and then they will be collected. Have this conversation several times with your child over the coming weeks, so by the time the big day comes they will know what to expect.

2) Meet with friends
If you know anybody who will be in the same class as your child, try to arrange a time for a playdate with them, this will mean on the first day there will be atleast one familiar face.

3) Read some books
There are some excellent books out there about the school day, read these with your child to help their confidence grow. Here are some of the books we recommend:
-Topsy and Tim go to school
-Charlie and Lola ‘I am absolutely too small for school’
-Harry and the dinosaurs go to school

4) Shopping
If you need to buy a lunch box, bag or uniform, take your child with you and include then in the decision process. Say that these items are special things for school, and come the first day they will be really excited about wearing their special uniform and will proudly carry their lunch box.

Remember not every child will transfer easily to school- do not worry about this. With a combination of these suggestions, time and the child gaining a knowledge of the school routine in a few weeks they will be skipping into school with a smile on their face!

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  1. There is some excellent advice here. Especially discussing what will happen. I told all my children exactly what would happen, so they didn’t have any surprises. I just told them that Mummy will kiss them goodbye and they would go and have some fun, and that I would be there to collect them so they could tell me all about what they’d been doing. None of mine had any issues with going in, or clung to me so no tears, apart from mine!

  2. So glad you like our blog, at Hands on Parenting we try to give out as much advice as possible! We post a new blog every Thursday, so keep an eye out! And don’t forget to recommend us to parents to may need professional support and advice.

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