Teeth Cleaning Help!

Not all children will love to clean their teeth- let alone doing it twice day! For younger children I find the best idea is to let them have a go cleaning on their own for a minute then an adult to take over and assist for a while longer to ensure all areas have been cleaned.

Here are a few hints and tips that might make the whole process easier!

1) Buy a fun tooth brush and tooth paste
Most shops will sell fun tooth brushes many with lights on and characters. Let your child choose the brush and paste themselves and make the purchase seem exciting so they will begin to look forward to using the brush!

2) use a timer
Put an egg timer in the bathroom with you then the child will be able to see how long is left- This will help them clean their teeth for the desired time which is between 1-2 minutes

3) clean your teeth at the same time
Do your teeth whilst they are doing there’s, this will help the child to pick up cleaning techniques from you and they will enjoy doing the same task as their mummy/daddy or carer.

4) Start them young

Tooth brushes for baby’s can be good from them to chew on and helps with teething. This will also get them used to the feel of a toothbrush inside their mouth.

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